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A study-abroad experience can change a student’s life. Obviously, the experience may enrich learning in areas of study as diverse as renaissance art and rain forest ecology, but the same is true for many other areas of study. Equally important, however, is the change that the experience will have on a student’s perspective, which will be dramatically expanded. It gives a student the opportunity to see the
world from a very different viewpoint — from outside the United States. 

Cost is often a concern for students. The good news is that your state, federal, and, for some programs, institutional financial aid are usually retained while studying abroad through FDU. Make sure that you have filed your FAFSA. The FDU Study Abroad Office can also help you identify the right program fit for you, along with potential external grants and scholarships to help cover your costs. For all locations, students are responsible for securing their passport, visa (if applicable), flight arrangements, and FDU sponsored health insurance.

Browse through and apply for FDU's campuses abroad in Wroxton, England, Vancouver, Canada, or Chengdu, China. Students may also choose to apply for a semester at one of FDU's Global Partners or an External Program. For details regarding all programs, contact the Study Abroad Office at or 973-443-8086.