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Announcements : Welcome FDU and NON-FDU students!

Announcement: Welcome FDU and NON-FDU students!

FDU Study Abroad programs welcome students from all accredited universities and colleges.
For those applying to Wroxton College
Since 1965 Wroxton College has hosted students for a semester abroad from over 250 different colleges and universities.

All current FDU students please logon with your WebMail credentials and follow the instructions on the application page.

All NON-FDU students please follow these few steps:
  • Click Logon and select 'I do not have login credentials to this site.' Follow the prompts to create credentials.
  • This online application contains the course offerings. You’ll need to meet with your academic advisor to receive an approval signature on the courses you plan on taking.
  • Following the instructions,you’ll find that letters of recommendation, a short statement of intent, and your academic transcript are required. Keeping in mind that a 3.0GPA is the minimum needed for acceptance.
  • Once accepted for a semester at Wroxton College you’ll be sent a Visiting Student Application for billing and registration purposes, this form will need the signature of your Dean of Students or Study Abroad Office.
  • You’ll receive group flight information, general health and risk documents, and our travel insurance requirements.
  • If you're eligible for the Wroxton Legacy Grant we ask that you contact us at in the FDU Study Abroad Office for further details at
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

For those applying to the Chengdu American Center
The Chengdu American Center is home to students from all over the United States.

All FDU students please logon with your WebMail credentials.
  • You will find detailed instructions on the application page.
All NON-FDU students please apply through our partner, G-MEO.

Brian Swanzey, Director of Study Abroad/Wroxton College,
Anne Miksza, Assistant Director of Study Abroad,